Logic-Based Benders Decomposition and Binary Decision Diagram Based Approaches for Stochastic Distributed Operating Room Scheduling

Published Online:https://doi.org/10.1287/ijoc.2020.1036

The distributed operating room (OR) scheduling problem aims to find an assignment of surgeries to ORs across collaborating hospitals that share their waiting lists and ORs. We propose a stochastic extension of this problem where surgery durations are considered to be uncertain. In order to obtain solutions for the challenging stochastic model, we use sample average approximation and develop two enhanced decomposition frameworks that use logic-based Benders (LBBD) optimality cuts and binary decision diagram based Benders cuts. Specifically, to the best of our knowledge, deriving LBBD optimality cuts in a stochastic programming context is new to the literature. Our computational experiments on a hospital data set illustrate that the stochastic formulation generates robust schedules and that our algorithms improve the computational efficiency.

Summary of Contribution: We propose a new model for an important problem in healthcare scheduling, namely, stochastic distributed operating room scheduling, which is inspired by a current practice in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We develop two decomposition methods that are computationally faster than solving the model directly via a state-of-the-art solver. We present both some theoretical results for our algorithms and numerical results for the evaluation of the model and algorithms. Compared with its deterministic counterpart in the literature, our model shows improvement in relevant evaluation metrics for the underlying scheduling problem. In addition, our algorithms exploit the structure of the model and improve its solvability. Those algorithms also have the potential to be used to tackle other planning and scheduling problems with a similar structure.

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