2019 Management Science Service Awards

    Published Online:https://doi.org/10.1287/mnsc.2019.3432

    The success of Management Science critically depends on the community of scholars who voluntarily contribute their time to provide thoughtful reviews of the manuscripts submitted to the journal. The workload is considerable: In the 2019 academic year (July 2018 through June 2019), Management Science received 5,868 reviews from 3,566 individuals. The majority of those reviews were received on or before the due date, which allowed us to complete 77% of our decisions within 90 days.

    Although we deeply appreciate the service of all those who contribute to our journal, the editorial board has decided to annually grant service awards to those associate editors and reviewers who have offered exceptional service in the manuscript evaluation process.

    Associate editors not only read manuscripts, they recruit reviewers, read their reports, and write recommendations to the department editors. All of our associate editors are dedicated to the journal, but some are notable for not only handling a significant number of manuscripts but also for ensuring a reasonable turnaround time between when they are assigned a paper and when they return their recommendations. We recognize these associate editors with our Meritorious Service Award or, for those who clearly distinguish themselves along both of those dimensions, our Distinguished Service Award.

    As with our associate editors, the service of reviewers is critical to the journal. Some graciously agree to review many manuscripts and then consistently write timely, unbiased, and thoughtful reports. We are pleased to grant them our Meritorious Service Award or, for those who demonstrate a remarkable commitment to the journal on each of those attributes, our Distinguished Service Award.

    The Management Science Distinguished Service Award recipients for the 2019 academic year are as follows

    Among Our Associate Editors

    Agarwal, Sumit; National University of Singapore

    Bali, Turan; Georgetown University

    Becker, Bo; Stockholm School of Economics

    Bertomeu, Jeremy; University of California, San Diego

    Bushee, Brian; University of Pennsylvania

    Chen, Yan; University of Michigan

    Ferreira, Daniel; London School of Economics

    Giglio, Stefano; University of Chicago

    Gurun, Umit; University of Texas at Dallas

    Hwang, Byoung-Hyoun; Cornell University

    Krishnan, Ranjani; Michigan State University

    Leary, Mark; Washington University in St. Louis

    Li, Kai; University of British Columbia

    Malenko, Andrey; Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Roulstone, Darren; Ohio State University

    Sialm, Clemens; University of Texas at Austin

    Simonov, Andrei; Michigan State University

    Srinivasan, Suraj; Harvard Business School

    Stoffman, Noah; Indiana University

    Tian, Xuan; Indiana University

    Xuan, Yuhai; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    Zhang, Frank; Yale University

    Zhang, Xiaoyan; Tsinghua University

    Among Our Reviewers

    Ball, George; Indiana University

    Ban, Gah-Yi; London Business School

    Batt, Robert; University of Wisconsin–Madison

    Bavafa, Hessam; University of Wisconsin–Madison

    Bennett, Victor; Duke University

    Berman, Ron; University of Pennsylvania

    Berry Jaeker, Jillian; Boston University

    Bray, Robert; Northwestern University

    Chan, Jason; University of Minnesota

    Chen, Shi; University of Washington

    Chu, Leon; University of Southern California

    Cui, Yao; Cornell University

    Da, Zhi; University of Notre Dame

    Dai, Tinglong; Johns Hopkins University

    Davis, Andrew; Cornell University

    Dew, Ryan; University of Pennsylvania

    Fay, Scott; Syracuse University

    Fradkin, Andrey; Boston University

    Gordon, Brett; Northwestern University

    Horton, John; New York University

    Howell, Sabrina; New York University

    Keskin, N. Bora; Duke University

    Kim, Song-Hee; University of Southern California

    Koning, Rembrand; Harvard University

    Lee, Dokyun; Carnegie Mellon University

    Li, Krista; Indiana University

    Li, Xitong; HEC Paris

    Liu, Nan; Boston College

    Long, Xiaoyang; University of Wisconsin–Madison

    Lu, Susan; Purdue University

    Lyons, Liz; University of California, San Diego

    Markakis, Mihalis; University of Navarra

    Mišić, Velibor; University of California, Los Angeles

    Ovchinnikov, Anton; Queens University

    Parker, Christopher; Penn State University

    Proserpio, Davide; University of Southern California

    Selove, Matthew; Chapman University

    Shaposhnik, Yaron; University of Rochester

    Stamatopoulos, Ioannis; University of Texas at Austin

    Subramanian, Upender; University of Texas at Dallas

    Sun, Tianshu; University of Southern California

    Todri, Vilma; Emory University

    Wu, Yue; University of Pittsburgh

    Xin, Linwei; University of Chicago

    Yang, Luyi; Johns Hopkins University

    Yao, Song; Washington University in St. Louis

    Zhang, Dennis; Washington University in St. Louis

    Zheng, Yanchong; Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Zhou, Guofu; Washington University in St. Louis

    Zorc, Sasa; University of Virginia

    The 2019 Management Science Meritorious Service Award recipients are as follows

    Among Our Associate Editors

    Banerjee, Snehal; University of California, San Diego

    Bartling, Björn; University of Zurich

    Bolton, Gary; University of Texas at Dallas

    Cornaggia, Jess; Georgetown University

    Dukes, Anthony; University of Southern California

    Giroud, Xavier; Columbia University

    Kacperczyk, Marcin; Imperial College London

    Keys, Benjamin; University of Chicago

    Kuksov, Dmitri; University of Texas at Dallas

    Lou, Dong; London School of Economics

    Malloy, Christopher; Harvard University

    Marquez, Robert; University of California, Davis

    Martínez-de-Albéniz, Victor; University of Navarra

    Miklós-Thal, Jeanine; University of Rochester

    Ramadorai, Tarun; Oxford University

    Reed, Adam; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    Ringgenberg, Matthew; University of Utah

    Savin, Sergei; University of Pennsylvania

    Savva, Nicos; London Business School

    Schmid, Lukas; Duke University

    Shaffer, Greg; University of Rochester

    Sliwka, Dirk; University of Cologne

    Tompaidis, Stathis; University of Texas at Austin

    Verdi, Rodrigo; Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Wang, Stephanie; University of Pittsburgh

    Wong, TJ; University of Southern California

    Wu, D. J.; Georgia Institute of Technology

    Ye, Mao; University of Illinois

    Among Our Reviewers

    Adida, Elodie; University of California, Riverside

    Adjerid, Idris; Virginia Tech

    Agrawal, Vishal; Georgetown University

    Alizamir, Saed; Yale University

    Atasoy, Hilal; Temple University

    Balachander, Subramanian; Purdue University

    Balseiro, Santiago; Columbia University

    Beer, Ruth; Indiana University

    Belavina, Elena; Cornell University

    Bimpikis, Kostas; Stanford University

    Brown, David; Duke University

    Buell, Ryan; Harvard University

    Chen, Boxiao; University of Illinois at Chicago

    Chen, Hailiang; University of Hong Kong

    Chen, Rachel; University of California Davis

    Chen, Wei; University of Arizona

    Chen, Yiwei; Singapore University of Technology and Design

    Conlon, Chris; New York University

    Crama, Pascale; Singapore Management University

    Cui, Ruomeng; Emory University

    Cui, Shiliang; Georgetown University

    Cui, Tony Haitao; University of Minnesota

    Dou, Yifan; Fudan University

    Drakopoulos, Kimon; University of Southern California

    Dzyabura, Daria; New Economic School

    Eisenbach, Thomas; Federal Reserve Bank of New York

    Elmachtoub, Adam; Columbia University

    Emadi, Seyed M.; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    Ewens, Michael; California Institute of Technology

    Feldman, Pnina; Boston University

    Ferreira, Kris; Harvard University

    Ge, Weili; University of Washington

    Goh, Joel; National University of Singapore

    Gross, Daniel; Harvard University

    Gupta, Vishal; University of Southern California

    Gur, Yonatan; Stanford University

    He, Chuan; University of Colorado at Boulder

    Hollenbeck, Brett; University of California, Los Angeles

    Hu, Ming; University of Toronto

    Huang, Peng; University of Maryland, College Park

    Huang, Tingliang; Boston College

    Hwang, Woonam; HEC Paris

    Hyndman, Kyle; University of Texas at Dallas

    Ishihara, Masakazu; New York University

    Jain, Nitish; London Business School

    Jasin, Stefanus; University of Michigan

    Jayaraman, Sudarshan; University of Rochester

    Jerath, Kinshuk; Columbia University

    Joshi, Yogesh; University of Maryland, College Park

    Kabra, Ashish; University of Maryland, College Park

    Kalkanci, Basak; Georgia Institute of Technology

    Kallus, Nathan; Cornell Tech

    Kesavan, Saravanan; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    Kim, Antino; Indiana University Bloomington

    Kim, Keongtae; Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Kong, Guangwen; University of Minnesota

    Krishnan, Harish; University of British Columbia

    Li, Beibei; Carnegie Mellon University

    Lin, Mingfeng; Georgia Institute of Technology

    Lovett, Mitch; University of Rochester

    Luo, Lan; University of Southern California

    Manshadi, Vahideh; Yale University

    Marx, Matt; Boston University

    Mihm, Jurgen; INSEAD

    Moon, Ken; University of Pennsylvania

    Mostagir, Mohamed; University of Michigan

    Nagaraj, Abhishek; University of California, Berkeley

    Nageswaran, Leela; University of Washington

    Oery, Aniko; Yale University

    Oettl, Alex; Georgia Institute of Technology

    Osadchiy, Nikolay; Emory University

    Rui, Huaxia; University of Rochester

    Saban, Daniela; Stanford University

    Sahni, Navdeep; Stanford University

    Sayedi, Amin; University of Washington

    Schmidt, William; Cornell University

    Shamir, Noam; Tel Aviv University

    Sheremeta, Roman; Case Western Reserve University

    Shi, Cong; University of Michigan

    Shi, Mengze; University of Toronto

    Shin, Woochoel; University of Florida

    Shulman, Jeffrey; University of Washington

    Simsek, A. Serdar; University of Texas at Dallas

    Song, Changcheng; Singapore Management University

    Tong, Jordan; University of Wisconsin–Madison

    Trichakis, Nikolaos; Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Uichanco, Joline; University of Michigan

    Uppari, Bhavani Shanker; Singapore Management University

    Walker, Dylan; Boston University

    Wang, He; Georgia Institute of Technology

    Wang, Shouqiang; University of Texas at Dallas

    Wen, Wen; University of Texas at Austin

    Wu, Jiahua; Imperial College London

    Zhang, Renyu; New York University Shanghai

    Zheng, Fanyin; Columbia University

    Zhong, Zachary; University of Toronto

    Zhu, Feng; Harvard University