Editorial Board


Lamar Pierce
Olin Business School
Washington University in St Louis
[email protected]

Deputy Editors

Gokhan Ertug
Singapore Management University
Social Networks, Status, Reputation, Trust, Social Evaluations, Organization Theory, International Business

Sharique Hasan
Duke University
Entrepreneurship; Innovation; Social Networks; Field Experiments

Lindy Greer
University of Michigan
Teams, Groups, Group Processes, Conflict, Power, Status, Hierarchy, Negotiation, Emotions, Leadership, Empowerment, Humility, Interpersonal Relationships, Top Management Teams, C-Suites, Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Field And Survey Research, Laboratory Research, Qualitative

Ruthanne Huising
Emlyon Business School
Work, Professions, Expertise, Organizational Change, Institutional Change, Regulation and Governance, Power and Politics, Qualitative Methods, Process Methods

Samina Karim
Northeastern University
Acquisitions, alliances, capabilities, corporate strategy, organization structure, innovation, reconfiguration, resources

Cindy Muir (Zapata)
University of Notre Dame
Organizational Behavior, Trust, Justice, Individual Differences, Humility, Stress and Strain

Lamar Pierce (Ex-Officio)
Productivity, Ethics and Misconduct, Teams, Compensation and Incentives, Health, Economics, Judgment and Decision-Making, Experiments

Senior Editors

Jay Anand
Ohio State University
Resource redeployment, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, intra-and inter-firm knowledge

Alan Benson
University of Minnesota
Personnel economics, promotions, incentives, hiring, compensation, discrimination, managers, agency issues in firms, online labor markets

Heather Berry
Georgetown University
Global strategy, multinational corporations, global innovation, global sourcing, entry and divestment decisions by MNC

Michael Bikard
Scientific creativity, collaboration, academia-industry interface, science-based invention, scientific publications, patents, knowledge flow, technological innovation

Stefano Brusoni
ETH Zurich
Innovation, technical change, decision making, ecosystems and platforms, learning, qualitative methods, experiments, mixed methods

Rodrigo Canales
Boston University
organizational theory, organizational change, institutional change, innovation processes, knowledge sharing, regulation and governance, qualitative methods, process methods, mixed methods, public safety/policing

Guoli Chen
Strategic leadership, CEO and top management teams, Organizational growth, Organizational transformation and renewal, Organizational sustainability

Rosalind Chow
Carnegie Mellon University
Gender and racial diversity, Social hierarchy and social inequality, Intergroup relations, Intragroup processes

Adam Cobb
University of Texas at Austin
Organizational theory, corporate governance, earnings inequality, labor markets, resource dependence theory

Hengchen Dai
University of California Los Angeles
Motivation and self-control, behavior change, judgment and decision-making, experiments

Jason Davis
Organization theory and social networks, innovation processes, network agency theory, strategic management of social capital, organization design, digital technologies, future of work, big tech companies. Inductive methods including multiple case, qualitative, and simulations.

Tracy Dumas
The Ohio State University
Organizational behavior, personal-professional boundary management, status differences, diversity, identity

Dan Feiler
Dartmouth University
Judgment, decision making, risk, forecasting, negotiations, advice-taking, belief updating, confidence, heuristics & biases, experiments

Emilie Feldman
University of Pennsylvania
Corporate Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions, Divestitures, Corporate Governance, Boards of Directors, Ownership

JP Ferguson
McGill University
Careers, Labor Markets, Segregation, Organizational Theory

Martin Ganco
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Strategic Human Capital, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Intellectual Property, Complexity Theory

Timothy Gubler
Brigham Young University
Strategic human capital, social and relational capital, employee productivity, incentives and compensation, health, labor markets, multiple organizational goals, professional services

Abhinav Gupta
University of Washington
Corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, business & politics

Oliver Hahl
Carnegie Mellon University
Organizational identity, market categories, authenticity, corporate strategy, organizational theory, professions and professional identity, status, microfoundations of strategy, behavioral strategy, private equity, behavioral health, sports industry, organizational learning, diversity in organizations and markets, social networks, cultural consumption, social influences on valuation

John Joseph
University of California, Irvine
Organizational learning, managerial cognition, organizational structure/design, innovation and adaptation

Peter Kim
University of Southern California
Trust, Power, Ethics, Interpersonal Perception, Dispute Resolution, Negotiation

Marissa King
University of Pennsylvania
Social networks, healthcare, social influence

Sharon Koppman
University of California, Irvine
Professions and occupations, work, inequality, creative industries, sociology of culture, qualitative methods, mixed methods.

Hila Lifshitz-Assaf
Warwick Business School
Scientific and Technological Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Technological Change, Information Systems and Organizational Transformation, Organizational Theory, Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing, Knowledge Theory of the Firm and Knowledge Boundary Work, Organizational and Professional Identity, Sociology of Science and Knowledge

Chengwei Liu
ESMT Berlin
Strategic opportunities, organization learning, theory of chance and luck, behavioral decision-making, Carnegie tradition, formal and computational models

Jackson Lu
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Organizational Behavior, Culture, Diversity, Bamboo Ceiling, Creativity, Ethics, Mixed Methods, Experiments

Peter Madsen
Brigham Young University
Organizational learning, crisis management, safety and reliability, algorithms and automation in management, corporate social responsibility, transportation industries

Jennifer Carson Marr
University of Maryland
Status and Status Dynamics, Motivation, Self-Disclosure, Helping, Well-Being, Experiments

Mary-Hunter McDonnell
University of Pennsylvania
Social movements, corporate governance, corporate social and political activity, organizational reputation and impression management, wrongdoing and punishment

Jennifer Merluzzi
George Washington University
Careers, Gender, Career Identity, Generalism/Specialism, Professional Managers, Early Careers, Gender Incongruities, Occupations and Professions, Diversity in Organizations, Economic Sociology, Organization and Management Theory, Social Networks, Social Capital

Ella Miron-Spektor
Creativity and Innovation, Microfoundation of Organizational Paradox, Organizational learning, Culture, Group processes and performance, Entrepreneurship

Mahka Moeen
University of Wisconsin
Technology strategy, technology entrepreneurship, entry strategy, nascent markets, industry emergence

Giacomo Negro
Emory University
Sociology of organizations, market categories and identities, organizational ecology, market intermediaries and gatekeepers

Andrew Nelson
University of Oregon
Technology and innovation, occupations and professions, emergence, categories, commercialization, qualitative methods

Tomasz Obloj
Indiana University
behavioral strategy, organization design, equity and inclusion, incentives, motivation, hybrid organizations and multiple goals, agency theory, cognitive biases

Amandine Ody-Brasier
McGill University
Social norms, norm violations, price, mixed methods

Michael Roach
University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
Technology entrepreneurship, technology strategy, human capital, labor markets, high-skilled immigration, science policy, intellectual property, survey methodology

Michelle Rogan
Imperial College London
Social Networks, Interorganizational Relationships, Organization and Management Theory, Resource Dependence, Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship

Metin Sengul
Boston College
Organization design, corporate strategy, competition, multiplicity of organizational objectives, multi-unit firms

Anastasia V. Sergeeva
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Technology at work, ethnography, practice theory, new forms of work, science and technology studies, professions and occupations

Sonali Shah
University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
Innovation, technology entrepreneurship, industry emergence and evolution in developing and developed economies, collaboration, user and open innovation, qualitative methods

David Tan
University of Washington
Status, labor markets, entrepreneurship, nonmarket contexts, information intermediaries

Keyvan Vakili
London Business School
innovation and knowledge recombination, scientific publications and patents, credit attribution, science and innovation policy, healthcare innovation

Yanbo Wang
Hong Kong University
Innovation and entrepreneurship in emerging markets; government-business relationship, fraud and unethical behaviors, science and innovation policy, China

Alexis Nicole Smith Washington
Oklahoma State University
Gender, race & intersectionality; Impression management and strategic; flirtation, status, diversity and bias in organizations

Timothy Werner
University of Texas at Austin
Corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, institutional theory, nonmarket strategy, political economy, social movements

David Zhu
Arizona State University
Strategic decision making, strategic leadership, corporate governance, innovation, digitalization, power and dependence, social networks, Chinese management

Analytics Editor

Rembrand Koning
Harvard University

Regional Outreach Editors

Yun Hou (Asia-Pacific)
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Editorial Review Board

Vikas Aggarwal, INSEAD

Oliver Alexy, Technical University of Munich

Marc Anderson, Iowa State University

Eric Anicich, University of Southern California

Shahzad Ansari, University of Cambridge

Michel Anteby, Boston University

Callen Anthony, New York University

Giselle Antoine, Washington University in St. Louis

Navid Asgari, Fordham University

Brandy Aven, Carnegie Mellon University

Paolo Aversa, City University London

Sarath Balachandran, London Business School

Kathryn Bartol, University of Maryland

Oliver Baumann, University of Southern Denmark

Joshua Becker, University College London

Markus Becker, University of Southern Denmark

Peter Belmi, University of Virginia

Victor Bennett, University of Utah

Justin Berg, Stanford University

Patrick Bergemann, University of California, Irvine

Anita Bhappu, University of California

Matthew Bidwell, University of Pennsylvania

Yanhua Bird, Boston University

Radina Blageova, University of Georgia

Daniela Blettner, Simon Fraser University

Christiane Bode, Imperial College London

Brittany Bond, Cornell University

Rocio Bonet, IE University

Bryan Bonner, University of Utah

Tristan Botelho, Yale University

Francisco Brahm, London Business School

Shelley Brickson, University of Illinois

Forrest Briscoe, Pennsylvania State University

Jonathan Bundy, Arizona State University

Vanessa Burbano, Columbia University

Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks, University of Michigan

Ethan Burris, University of Texas

John Busenbark, Notre Dame University

Heejung Byun, Purdue University

Eugenia Cacciatori, City University London

Santiago Campero, University of Toronto

Natalie Carlson, University of Pennsylvania

Gianluca Carnabuci, European School of Management and Technology

Seth Carnahan, University of Michigan

Heewon Chae, Arizona State University

Cassandra Chambers, Bocconi University

Curtis Chan, Boston College

Shinjinee Chattopadhyay, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

M. K. Chin, Indiana University

Prithwiraj Choudhury, Harvard University

Jillian Chown, Northwestern University

Marlys Christianson, University of Toronto

Bruno Cirillo, SKEMA Business School

Julien Clement, Stanford University

David Clough, The University of British Columbia

Russell Coff, University of Wisconsin

Lisa Cohen, McGill University

Susan Cohen, University of Georgia

Stephanie Creary, University of Pennsylvania

Donal Crilly, University of London

Kristin Smith-Crowe, Boston University

Colleen Cunningham, London Business School

Jennifer Dannals, Yale University

Katherine DeCelles, University of Toronto

Solene Delecourt, University of California, Berkeley

Daphne Demetry, McGill University

Vinit Desai, University of Colorado

Mark DesJardine, Dartmouth College

Yuval Deutsch, York University

Julia DiBenigno, Yale University

Stefan Dimitriadis, University of Toronto

Stanislav Dobrev, University of Wisconsin

Laura Doering, University of Toronto

Gina Dokko, University of California

Sinziana Dorobantu, New York University

Philipp Meyer-Doyle, INSEAD

Michelle Duguid, Cornell University

Gary Dushnitsky, London Business School

Nilanjana Dutt, Bocconi University

Chris Eaglin, Duke University

Robert Eberhart, University of California, Los Angeles

Amy Edmondson, Harvard University

J.P. Eggers, New York University

John Eklund, University of Southern California

Daniel Elfenbein, Washington University

Joelle Evans, Bayes Business School

Denise Falchetti, George Washington

Moshe Farjoun, York University

Alexandra Feldberg, Harvard University

Martha Feldman, University of California

Simone Ferriani, University of Bologna

Justin Frake, University of Michigan

Erin Frey, University of Southern California

Russell Funk, University of Minnesota

Nathan Furr, INSEAD

Luisa Gagliardi, Bocconi University

Roman Galperin, McGill University

Cheng Gao, University of Michigan

Sam Garg, ESSEC Business School

Elisa Alvarez-Garrido, University of South Carolina

Claudine Gartenberg, University of Pennsylvania

Aline Gatignon, University of Pennsylvania

Britta Glennon, University of Pennsylvania

Theresa Glomb, University of Minnesota

David Gomulya, Singapore Management University

Leroy Gonsalves, Boston University

Royston Greenwood, University of Alberta

Isin Guler, University of North Carolinal

Jerry Guo, Aarhus University

Jorge Guzman, Columbia University

Jaekyung Ha, Emlyon Business School

Uriel Haran, Ben-Gurian University

Ashley Hardin, Washington University

Jean-François Harvey, HEC Montréal

Derek Harmon, University of Michigan

Olga Hawn, University of North Carolinal

Vivianna Fang He, University of St Gallen

Emily Heaphy, University of Massachusetts

Shon Hiatt, University of Southern California

N. Sharon Hill, George Washington University

Guy Holburn, University of Western Ontario

Audrey Holm, HEC Paris

Songcui Hu, University of Arizona

Kenneth Huang, National University of Singapore

Laura Huang, Harvard University

Summer Jackson, Harvard Business School

Sujin Jang, INSEAD

Nan Jia, University of Southern California

Lars Johnson, University of Texas Arlington

Stefan Arora-Jonsson, University of Uppsala

Amol Joshi, Wake Forest University

Aimee Kane, Duquesne University

Jingoo Kang, Nanyang Technological University

Dana Kanze, London Business School

Aldona Kapacinskaite, Bocconi University

Rebecca Karp, Harvard Business School

Riitta Katila, Stanford University

Aseem Kaul, University of Minnesota

Thomas Keil, University of Zurich

JR Keller, Cornell University

Katherine Kellogg, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Harshvardhan Ketkar, Bocconi University

Dongil Daniel Keum, Columbia University

Gavin Kilduff, New York University

Daniel Kim, University of Pennsylvania

Eun Hee Kim, Fordham University

Heeyon Kim, Cornell University

Hyunjin Kim, INSEAD

Minjae Kim, Rice University

Andrew A. King, Boston University

Erika Kirgios, University of Chicago

Adam Kleinbaum, Dartmouth College

Thomas Klueter, IESE Business School

Madeline Kneeland, Babson College

Ozgecan Kocak, Emory University

Tony Kong, University of Colorado, Boulder

Rembrand Koning, Harvard University

Wesley Koo, INSEAD

Balazs Kovacs, Yale University

Ryan Krause, Texas Christian University

Glen Kreiner, University of Utah

Pasi Kuusela, University of Groningen

Blaine Landis, University College London

Jacqueline Lane, Harvard University

Ann Langley, HEC Montreal

Megan Lawrence, Vanderbilt University

Carrie Leana, University of Pittsburgh

Sarah Lebovitz, University of Virginia

Brandon Lee, Melbourne Business School

Joon Mahn Lee, Korea University

Matt Lee, Harvard University

Saerom Lee, University of Pennsylvania

Sunkee Lee, Carnegie Mellon University

Angelica Leigh, Duke University

Rebecca Ponce de Leon, Columbia University

Sheen Levine, University of Texas

Ben Lewis, Brigham Young University

Demetrius Lewis, University of California, Riverside

Jessica Li, Georgia Institute of Technology

Chengwei Liu, ESMT Berlin

Michael Lounsbury, University of Alberta

Fabrice Lumineau, University of Hong Kong

Razvan Lungeanu, Northeastern University

Jiao Luo, University of Minnesota

Xiaowei Luo, INSEAD

Elizabeth Lyons, University of California, San Diego

Kalle Lyytinen, Case Western Reserve University

Tammy Madsen, Santa Clara University

Catherine Magelssen, London Business School

Pier Vittorio Mannucci, Bocconi University

Massimo Maoret, IESE School of Barcelona

Arianna Marchetti, London Business School

Astrid Marinoni, Georgia Institute of Technology

Daniella Laureiro-Martinez, ETH Zurich

David Maslach, Florida State University

Anna Mayo, Carnegie Mellon University

Anca Metiu, ESSEC

Alexandra Michel, University of Pennsylvania

Cameron Miller, Syracuse University

Frances Milliken, New York University

Denisa Mindruta, HEC Paris

Hitoshi Mitsuhashi, Waseda University

Sanaz Mobasseri, Boston University

Aharon Mohliver, London Business School

Martina Montauti, University of St. Gallen

Pedro Monteiro, Copenhagen Business School

Cedric Gutierrez Moreno, Bocconi University

Jen Mueller, University of San Diego

Jennifer Mueller, University of San Diego

Frank Nagle, Harvard University

Gabriel Natividad, Universidad de Piura

Weiyi Ng, National University of Singapore

Amit Nigam, Cass Business School

Elena Novelli, City University London

Samir Nurmohamed, University of Pennsylvania

Tomasz Obloj, Indiana University

Elena Obukhova, McGill University

William Ocasio, Northwestern University

Kate Odziemkowska, University of Toronto

Elisa Operti, ESSEC

Stella Pachidi, University of Cambridge

Emily Pahnke, University of Washington

Claudio Panico, Bocconi University

Bidhan Parmar, University of Virginia

Srikanth Paruchuri, Texas A & M University

Shefali Patil, University of Texas, Austin

Anu Phene, George Washington University

Alessandro Piazza, Rice University

Henning Piezunka, INSEAD

Julianna Pillemer, New York University

Elizabeth Pontikes, University of California

Laura Poppo, University of Kansas

Hart Posen, University of Wisconsin

Jo-Ellen Pozner, Santa Clara University

Richard Priem, Texas Christian University

Kunyuan Qiao, Georgetown University

Eric Quintane, European School of Management and Technology

Nevena Radoynovska, Emlyon Business School

Joseph Raffiee, University of Southern California

Lakshmi Ramarajan, Harvard University

Ram Ranganathan, The University of Texas at Austin

Ramkumar Ranganathan, University of Texas

Marlo Raveendran, University of California

Trish Reay, University of Alberta

Erin Reid, McMaster University

Markus Reitzig, University of Vienna

Luke Rhee, University of California

Christopher Rider, University of Michigan

Christoph Riedl, Northeastern University

Luis Rios, Purdue University

Maria Roche, Harvard Business School

Thomas Roulet, University of Cambridge

Brian Rubineau, McGill University

Henry Sauermann, ESMT Berlin

Oliver Schilke, University of Arizona

Anja Schöttner, Humboldt University

Kathrin Sele, Aalto University

Anastasia Sergeeva, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Victoria Sevcenko, INSEAD

Pri Shah, University of Minnesota

Amanda Sharkey, Arizona State University

Catherine Shea, Carnegie Mellon University

Wei Shi, University of Miami

Taekjin Shin, San Diego State University

Jasjit Singh, INSEAD

Kristin Smith-Crowe, Boston University

Jill Perry-Smith, Emory University

Gretchen Spreitzer, University of Michigan

Kannan Srikanth, The Ohio State University

Federica De Stefano, HEC Paris

Giada Di Stefano, Bocconi University

Adina Sterling, Stanford University

Flannery Stevens, Villanova University

Bryan Stroube, London Business School

Fernando Suarez, Northeastern University

Till Talaulicar, University of Erfurt

Yi Tang, Hong Kong University

Markus Taussig, Rutgers University

Florenta Teodoridis, University of Southern California

Basima Tewfik, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bobbi Thomason, Pepperdine University

Andras Tilcsik, University of Toronto

Michael Toffel, Harvard University

Tony Tong, University of Colorado, Boulder

Casidhe Troyer, London Business School

Scott Turner, University of South Carolina

Daniel Tzabbar, Drexel University

Mathijs de Vaan, University of California

Melissa Valentine, Stanford University

Bart Vanneste, University College London

Gurneeta Vasudeva, University of Minnesota

Gerben Van Der Vegt, University of Groningen

Freek Vermeulen, London Business School

Natalya Vinokurova, University of Pennsylvania

Bala Vissa, INSEAD

Dangqing Wang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Manuela Hoehn-Weiss, Oregon State University

Georg Wernicke, HEC Paris

Scott Wiltermuth, University of Southern California

Maciej Workiewicz, ESSEC

Audra Wormald, University of North Carolina

Adam Wowak, University of Notre Dame

Tyler Wry, University of Pennsylvania

Andy Wu, Harvard University

Adele Xing, Santa Clara University

Wei Yang, CEIBS

Sai Yayavaram, Indian Institute of Management

Jeffrey York, University of Colorado, Boulder

Siyu Yu, Rice University

Lori Qingyuan Yue, University of Southern California

Mark Zbaracki, Western University Ivey

Letian Zhang, Harvard Business School

Ting Zhang, Harvard Business School

Eric Yanfei Zhao, Indiana University

Minyuan Zhao, Washington University

Pavel Zhelyazkov, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Yue Zhou, University of Michigan

Julian Zlatev, Harvard Business School

Tiona Zuzul, Harvard University

Managing Editor

Chris Asher, INFORMS
[email protected]

Former Editors-in-Chief

2017–2022: Gautam Ahuja
2014–2016: Zur Shapira
2011–2013: Daniel Levinthal
2004–2010: Linda Argote
1999–2003: Claudia Bird Schoonhoven
1990–1998: Arie Y Lewin

Last updated March 6, 2023

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