Editorial Statement

Organization Science publishes fundamental research about organizations and their processes, structures, technologies, identities, forms, and people. Our research portfolio includes papers grounded in a range of fields and disciplines that include organizational behavior and theory, psychology, sociology, economics, political science, strategic management, information systems, innovation, entrepreneurship, and cognitive science. Papers can focus on different levels of analysis, including human behavior, teams and groups, networks, and the organizations themselves. We are receptive to a broad range of theoretical perspectives and particularly appreciate papers that connect them.

The journal seeks to build and refine theory through a portfolio of research to which each paper contributes in its own way. We emphasize overall contribution over theoretical novelty, which is neither necessary nor sufficient for a paper to be important. Authors should clearly communicate contributions, which can be based on:

  • New theory that challenges, extends, or refines existing models
  • New data that can better support, refute, or uncover theory
  • Methodological insights or improvements that inform evaluation of prior evidence or theory
  • New settings that inform generalizability, policy, or welfare implications
  • Mechanisms that help explain phenomena, enrich theoretical models, or improve causal inference
  • Insights on important social problems and grand challenges

Diverse methods and approaches are welcome, with the goal of implementing best practices with respect to each. Causal inference is valued but not necessary and often impossible, but should be acknowledged and informed by research design, theoretical logic, institutional knowledge, and evidence on mechanisms. Papers should candidly address strengths and limitations, with the recognition that no paper is perfect and that alternative explanations exist. We believe that methodological transparency is the spirit of scientific advancement.

We particularly welcome papers on understudied yet important settings and populations (such as emerging markets) and on topics and settings that significantly impact the well-being and welfare of large populations. These include organizational challenges related to rapid changes in technology, the environment, public health, and the structure of societies. In addition to the original research reports at the core of the journal, we occasionally publish peer-reviewed “Perspectives”—conceptual papers and essays that direct attention to emerging organizational phenomena or redirect a line of research.

We are committed to providing a fair, inclusive, and efficient review process that is respectful to both authors and reviewers, and cognizant of the publication process’ impact on their lives. We seek shorter and fewer review rounds to either shepherd a manuscript toward publication or return it so that it may be submitted elsewhere. We hope to reduce risk and uncertainty for authors through clear initial decisions with strong guidance and a commitment to consistency in publication criteria in subsequent rounds.


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